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How To Beat Killer Stress

Beat Stress Today: Discover Zen Practises to Overcome Stress and Live a Stress-Free Life

Hi. In the next three minutes I want to share with you some important stuff I’ve learned about stress. Stress is something I suffer from myself quite a bit and it has been a long hard road to find out what works for me. I will also give you a natural product that I have found to be very helpful when I am feeling overwhelmed.

Suffering from stress

We all suffer from stress particularly now in this modern world with the aid of modern technology where we are expected to do the job of 2 or 3 people as well as the demands that we place on our selves. Here’s the big secret though. It’s not stress itself that causes the issue. It’s how we respond to it that matters. When you learn how to make stress work with you instead of against you, you can free yourself from a lot of unwanted pain.

It almost becomes a zen practise where you learn to eliminate unnecessary stressors in your own life. There are often more than you think that can easily be let go off. This simple practise can help free up a lot of energy.

Here are a few other things that can help.

  • Remember to take short breaks often. Get up, stretch you legs and remember to drink a lot of pure water.

  • Remember to get some good exercise. walking, running, dancing even some gently weight training. and it’s important to get outdoors and out into nature. Do it for at least 30 minutes three times a week. I personally like rock climbing as it get me out of my head and forces me just to be present. Do whatever exercise you like best.

  • Next, the things we soft often do to help calm us temporarily when we get stress often just make things worse, such Cigarettes, drugs, and packaged convenience foods and drinks that are full of chemicals. These all stress the body and your mind and just lead to more overwhelm. Eliminate some of these things from your life and within a few weeks you will be more present and able to handle all the difficult tasks that come up.

Calm Thoughts

Now, the product I have found helpful when things start to get to me is called Calm Thoughts by Source Natural. It’s formulated to reduce anxiety and stress while increasing calm focus whenever you need it. It’s completely natural, based on what’s most needed when we’re stressed. In addition to important B complex vitamins, it is rich in GABA which I find particularly helpful to calm and clear the mind, L-Tyrosine to counter depression, Relora from the Magnolia to reduce anxiety by regulating cortisol and lots of other natural plant factors and important amino acids. You’ll find a link to it in the show notes below.

Calm Thoughts

Calm Thoughts addresses the multiple, interdependent body systems that are involved with stress. It influences neuromodulation, energy generation, the adrenals and the musculoskeletal system. Calm Thoughts combines soothing botanicals such as St. John's wort, bacopa and Relora herbal blend, with supporting nutrients including GABA, L-theanine, magnesium, tyrosine, and folic acid, to provide a balanced formula for relaxed well-being.

Order Calm Thoughts from iherb

Of course, read the label carefully and check it out with your health practitioner to make sure that it’s right for you.